PT de Iguatu wants Sá Vilarouca as pre-candidate for state deputy

On Saturday, 07/08, the Workers' Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores - PT) of Iguatu, held an expanded meeting of its directory that was attended by members and leaders such as the former mayor of Quixadá and articulator of Ceará and Nordeste of the pre- Lula President 2022 campaign, Ilário Marques, to debate the political and electoral positioning of the acronym for next year's elections.

In Iguatu, the PT is gathered around the name of its vice president and businessman, José de Sá Vilarouca, who during the event highlighted his gratitude to the party members and leaders who have spontaneously strengthened his name as a pre-candidate for state deputy.

“I was a candidate for mayor for the PT in 2004 and because of allies and the political scenario they made me give up, it was very painful at the time, in this new challenge that is being built, I want to hear from the state executive and Governor Camilo Santana to formalize my participation and I hope to have this confirmation for you in the next few days”, said Vilarouca.

For some affiliates who participated with speech during the event, they stressed the need for the PT to separate the "wheat from the chaff", referring to bad alliances such as the one made with the mayor Ednaldo Lavor (PSD) who betrayed the party to ally with the Saconarist base to the municipal elections of 2020.

The former mayor of Quixadá, Ilário Marques, recalled in his speech that the PT is big and at this moment the party and Brazil are going through a democratic renaissance that will come strong at the hands of the very people who are suffering from the disaster that is this Bolsonaro government, which brought back inflation, the uncontrolled increase in fuel and all other public policies such as: health and education. "The worker can't take it anymore, just for you to have an idea the value of the gas cylinder alone represents 10% of their minimum wage" the "basic basket is so expensive that the worker only has money to buy a little over half of what I bought it 5 years ago”, and these are just a few reasons for the people to reject a project for the presidency of the extreme right, which lied and failed with Brazil.

“PT in Iguatu is on the right path to introduce the name of Sá who is a very friendly person to everyone, he is a brilliant businessman and when you sit down to talk to him, whether it's 10 minutes or 1 hour, it's never wasted time. apprenticeship. His name as a pre-candidate for state deputy will enhance the center-south region in Ceará's political scenario. Lula will love to visit Iguatu again to see the working people of this city that will help bring Brazil into the hands of the people again”, said Ilário.

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