This Wednesday morning, February 21st, President Lula had a very productive meeting with United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the Palácio do Planalto. Blinken is participating in the G20 ministerial meeting, a crucial group that brings together the world's largest economies, along with the European Union and the African Union, here in Rio de Janeiro. According to an official statement from the US government, the purpose of the secretary's visit is to reaffirm the country's support for the Brazilian presidency in the G20 and to strengthen the partnership between the two nations in favor of workers' rights and the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Blinken said the US respects Brazil's opinion and sovereignty

Furthermore, during the meeting, various topics of common interest were discussed. One of them was the recent diplomatic controversy between Brazil and Israel. Blinken said the US respects Brazilian opinion and sovereignty amid a relaxed, constructive, and respectful dialogue. Brazil expressed its position on the events in the Gaza Strip, seeking an understanding that promotes peace and dialogue among the involved parties.

Another important issue addressed was the territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana regarding the Essequibo. The Brazilian government is concerned about the situation and has played an active role in seeking a peaceful solution to the tensions between Maduro's authorities and the government of Guyana.

Overall, the meeting was marked by a positive and constructive atmosphere, reflecting the mutual commitment to cooperation and dialogue between Brazil and the United States on important global issues.

Israel and Netanyahu's isolation only widens globally

Many had speculated that the meeting would involve conflict, but the dialogue showed that the government of Israel led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had no negative influence whatsoever; quite the contrary, the United States appeared much closer to changing its position in the United Nations, while Netanyahu's isolation only widens globally, while Lula continues to be applauded by more than 120 nations calling for an end to the genocide in Palestine and for a peaceful planet.