The government of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been promoting a true genocide against the Palestinian people with the support of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Netanyahu's reaction to Lula's speech, which compared the cowardly military action of the Israeli government against Palestinian civilians and which has resulted in deaths, reports, and a number of images of dead children, occurred because the Brazilian president has managed to influence the global media, which has so far reported with bias on Israel's atrocities.

Lula's speech, in addition to influencing the biased media coverage surrounding the genocide, stated what many world leaders have been saying and did not have the same impact, since Brazil is a growing country and has more than enough support with its current government to say that "Israel cowardly uses soldiers, many of them drugged and crazed with hatred, shooting at children, teenagers, women, elderly, and adults, without discrimination, using only the excuse that they belong to Hamas." These same soldiers, in addition to committing murder, have also been stealing the belongings of Palestinians, and they also kill pets and families who manage to escape Israel's assassination attempts, yet they still have to protect their women and children from abuse.

And the genocide promoted by the Israeli government respects no opposing people, destroying hospitals, schools, colleges, and everything civilized in its path.

Lula is right, Israel is committing genocide in Palestine
Benjamin Netanyahu felt the criticism of Lula because he influenced the global media about the genocide, which the Israeli people do not support.

Even the ceasefire requests made by the United Nations (UN), Israel does not comply and always responds disrespectfully and mockingly to the institution, while at the same time joining its cowardice with the United States, which is currently the only country on the planet supporting the genocide in Palestine.

The genocide needs to stop

Since Netanyahu took office in Israel, he has prepared this action against Palestine, trying to make changes in the law to get a free pass to continue stealing Palestinian territory and applying his colonialist persecution, which removes homes, lands, and even water sources with concrete, and other atrocities. He suffered a defeat in the non-approval of his changes and divided the Israeli people, who have been protesting against the genocide in Palestine and against their prime minister.

Netanyahu has put a global target on the people of Israel

The whole world looks at what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinian people in Gaza, and this has sparked persecution and aggression against the Israeli people, which worsens every day, the numbers only increase, violence out of indignation for what is happening in Palestine is playing out in the worst possible way, and this is likely to last for decades.

The Brazilian media is shameful

The Brazilian mainstream media acts as an appendage of the genocide, reporting the murder of 70 children in Gaza coldly, without importance, and quickly, but praising the freedom of two Israelis at length and always directing the content to blame the Palestinian people as being Hamas.

Lula's speech did indeed hit Netanyahu and not the good people of Israel. After all, the only time we've seen in history heavily armed soldiers indiscriminately killing entire families was in World War II, carried out by Nazis, and if allowed, they would do it again!

Lula is right!

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